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In the name of social networking

I truly, and truly miss friends who used to e-mail me. Don’t think of the worst that they let me go. No. They are so much interested in writing the message on *that* social networking website where I was forced to put up some profile b’se I was kind of fed up with the invitees I was getting.

The issue is that I want my messages near me. That’s why I like e-mail.  They are mine and they are my history. I can easily download them with a click of a button, peruse through them and then save them to any format I like. I want to read them two, three, whatever years from now. Kind of cool isn’t it?

The problem is that with *that* social networking site is that I can’t do that with a click. Do I have to copy, paste, copy, paste and then do some more of that so that my messages are around me. I don’t think I will remain on that site forever or even with the way things are going, how sure am I that the site will be functional tomorrow?

So when all has been said, it’s nice catching up with friends and making new ones but please endure when I email you because that’s what I want you to do to me.

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I heard him say

It was  Oppie who said this “Legs run and noses smell but for some people it’s different. Their noses run and their legs smell.

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The movie P.G

I realized very recently that I can’t watch movies that are rated past 13 years comfortably . Either I have grown old and I can’t catch up with the world  or I have changed my view about the things I see.

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XP on the X.O

At first they were blasting the whole project but now they have jumped on board. Whatever you want to think about it depends on how you think about it.  Having XP on those laptops is an extremely bad idea that’s all I can say. If the idea is to have a learning environment and tool, proprietary software is the last thing we should think of. It is like putting  barbed wire around a mango tree and telling kids to go for it. Dependence on Microsoft software and thinking is not a way of educating a child well.

Secondly, I really doubt if Microsoft’s motive is also to provide a learning tool to the underdeveloped countries. It has always been hackers and geeks in the open source community to attempt such stuff.

For now I keep imagining of a scenario of a primary school in my village where children have these laptops in class and can’t use them because of a virus infection(How are you going to begin lecturing children of 10 to something years on their first day to be careful on what they click or they infect their machines.) Don’t tell me because they are in a remote location virus infection is very minimal.

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Some thought

I was just disturbed a lot by this system that we are supposed to use all the time and I pitied the antivirus software that was ensuring things were going well. I got a thought in my mind that said. “Protecting a Windows computer from infection(crapware, viruses, worms, spyware, and other nonsense ware) is like protecting a prostitute from infection.”

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Another short story

The sky has fallen. We are now walking on cotton, sorry clouds. How does that sound? Okay? I have uploaded a new short story called Little Red Releaded. Yes, Releaded not reloaded. Nothing to surprise you in this one or may be there is something after all. But I promise you, there is nothing like clouds in there. Just check it out