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Decaying hut

Another sign of a blog left to decay and to grow grass to another level of usefulness. Thanks to the art of trying to look busy and pushing thing to tomorrow.
It really takes time and effort. I can assure you on that one.
Now ladies and gentleman, a hand of applause please.

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A special effect: Nollywood vs Hollywood

A cow speaking in a Hollywood movie is more realistic than a woman quarrelling (the most used *special effect*) in a Nollywood movie.

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In the name of social networking

I truly, and truly miss friends who used to e-mail me. Don’t think of the worst that they let me go. No. They are so much interested in writing the message on *that* social networking website where I was forced to put up some profile b’se I was kind of fed up with the invitees I was getting.

The issue is that I want my messages near me. That’s why I like e-mail.  They are mine and they are my history. I can easily download them with a click of a button, peruse through them and then save them to any format I like. I want to read them two, three, whatever years from now. Kind of cool isn’t it?

The problem is that with *that* social networking site is that I can’t do that with a click. Do I have to copy, paste, copy, paste and then do some more of that so that my messages are around me. I don’t think I will remain on that site forever or even with the way things are going, how sure am I that the site will be functional tomorrow?

So when all has been said, it’s nice catching up with friends and making new ones but please endure when I email you because that’s what I want you to do to me.

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I heard him say

It was  Oppie who said this “Legs run and noses smell but for some people it’s different. Their noses run and their legs smell.

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The movie P.G

I realized very recently that I can’t watch movies that are rated past 13 years comfortably . Either I have grown old and I can’t catch up with the world  or I have changed my view about the things I see.

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Some thought

I was just disturbed a lot by this system that we are supposed to use all the time and I pitied the antivirus software that was ensuring things were going well. I got a thought in my mind that said. “Protecting a Windows computer from infection(crapware, viruses, worms, spyware, and other nonsense ware) is like protecting a prostitute from infection.”

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Location: Pallisa town two hundred something miles away from Kampala. The town is a rusty iron affair. The electricity supply is as reliable as the weather. Currently the roar of generators is coming from outside the public library am surfing in.

As me what am doing. Just doing some repairs on some pc’s for some NGO. But of course, there is no power so I have to wait until it come back. The road from Mbale town is an expectant mother’s  real nightmare. Alongside the roads children a dancing calypso like crazy. The urge to twist legs is proving to be unresistable. All you do is shout ‘calypso, kalislow, kalipso’ hey,  hackers want-kalislow’ geeks want- kalislow, bloggers want- kalipso.”, While twisting in bizaire ways. Oh my God! This country of ours has a long way to go.

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As you can see, I didn’t decide in the past year what I will do this year. I just make resolutions as time goes on and if they are for a short time. I grind on them immediately

The resolution I have decided is to frequent that open market café and also practice some of those skills at home. You know this eating place that appears at a certain location in the evening? It consists of a portable table and chairs. There is usually a woman taking care of the operations and you can see what is going on as the cooking is going on.

The problem is this, most people disagree. The media and those ‘high people.’ don’t like that idea. The first thing they talk about is hygiene and some whatever then some more whatever. I’ve been eating here for some time and I can see it’s good. The problem is ‘those’ people view it as uncool and go to extreme steps to convince me it’s damn uncool. I am just being realistic. This is what I can afford.

There are so many ‘high class restaurants’ I see with nice interior décor, with high class waitress (whatever that means). Of course, they do come with fancy plastic faces but their food can’t beat the one that I eat at the open market cafe(Yes, I have tried them too). These restaurants pour much money into their visual appearance(you can insert here for example any Microsoft product: Very good blue screens all over the place but crappy code.) They have nice floors, very good tables and the fact is that you pay your money so that they maintain these but very little goes for improving the food quality. And some say people say they are very hygienic. My foot! They are very hygienic at the front but what about their cooking area? Have you ever gone there? Or the door has something like ‘staff only.’ Hygienic? Move behind those flashy buildings and see for yourself.

Try to ask for the recipe that they used to make that nice dish. There are high chances that you are asking the wrong person. It is the waiter or waitress you are asking, right? The chef is a rare sight outside the kitchen and in most cases, the ingredients of that meal is a 300 year kept secret that can’t uttered out even at the point of death. Or they can tell you some gibberish whatever-you-can’t-understand name. Do they call it exotic nowadays?

It is very different from the open market cafe. You don’t have to ask. Just come early and you will watch as the woman prepares up the meal. Still, if you ask, she will be more than happy to explain it to you. In the end, you will get yourself, a friend, a mentor, advisor and a good meal. And of course, you will learn a few tricks like “don’t serve me like I have had a meal in the last four hours.”

They say eating out is very dangerous for the pocket. Yes, but with my open market knowledge I can do some quality cooking at my place. And that’s my resolution in these few years. I have decided I must do some cooking sessions at my place. The first dish on the menu is snake meat. Yes, snakes are available if you know where to look. I am trying python meat in particular. Somebody released a recipe that many people recommend. It is called byte of python. You can do web search for it and see what it has. I am getting my teeth in it one of these days. It’s just what I needed. Home cooking at last courtesy of the open market cafe.