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I saw you

And I saw you on the street
You were walking as you used to
With hips swaying
Left to right
Right to left
Just as you used to
You walked so free
Like everything was free

The wind blew over you
Just for you
Through your hair
And it flew around
Like it owned the world

You always showed the freedom
The abandon
The world was always a spectator

The windows echoed the radiance
The taxi drivers
Slowed down
To have a closer look
Just as they used to

You have grown
I saw it
On your face

Thank God, you never saw me
Everything about you showed success
My story is not the same
So, I realized you had moved
From my street
From my world

Something I know is
I never envied you
Neither did I pretend
Like you did
That all was so well
Like you did
When you broke my heart
And left me.


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