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Puppy and IBM love tip

If you are a nomad like me. Then may be you have carried around that puppy Linux Cd, for you never know the next beast (computer) you will meet. I discovered puppy doesnt’ play well with most IBM’s especially those ThinkCentre things (have you ever met one?). The Graphic cards have their own way of showing some love to puppy! When running the xorg wizard, they will inform you there is no configuration that works.

There is a quick fix for it. Just look carefully at the first line that is the 800*600 resolution, if the wizard says its okay, just select it, it will log you in to a 1024*768(It has worked for me many times. Unless you want a higher resolution than that then don’t bother but for my case,I just want to edit documents and some browsing. That resolution works for me. I believe resolutions higher than that should be left for the eagles and kites and the movie buffs.)

In case there is no working resolution showing, Just select the Xvesa, you will manually select the resolution and bam, you are in business. I have used it and I don’t have complains.


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