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Last Friday had a surprise for me. I was strolling around the institute and bang, on the wall I saw a notice. It was LUG meeting. I didn’t know we had a Linux user group in Uganda. I had no other option but enter. Cool or so, I thought.

It became more hotter and interesting. The topic was Nagios (the network monitoring tool) I was amazed with what it can actually do. I liked the network topology display. Of course that means we fed our eyes and ears as well.

I got to play with Ubuntu 9.10 ha ha ha. Somebody had downloaded it and then came the burning craze (“Who would like a copy?”) I am am still waiting for my CDs to arrive via the post. I get ubuntu via Just believe me the post office is still faster than if I tried downloading the ISO via these snail networks that I use nowadays!

I just wonder how I didn’t know about this LUG before. Here is the website We were informed its going to change to very soon.

Lug logo
Lug logo

If you are in Uganda and you want to learn something about Linux, just sign up at the website. Of course, you can still come without signing up. The meeting was at EACOSS at UICT Nakawa and I hope the next meeting will be there. Just pop in there and feed your ears and that thing in between them.


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