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In the name of social networking

I truly, and truly miss friends who used to e-mail me. Don’t think of the worst that they let me go. No. They are so much interested in writing the message on *that* social networking website where I was forced to put up some profile b’se I was kind of fed up with the invitees I was getting.

The issue is that I want my messages near me. That’s why I like e-mail.  They are mine and they are my history. I can easily download them with a click of a button, peruse through them and then save them to any format I like. I want to read them two, three, whatever years from now. Kind of cool isn’t it?

The problem is that with *that* social networking site is that I can’t do that with a click. Do I have to copy, paste, copy, paste and then do some more of that so that my messages are around me. I don’t think I will remain on that site forever or even with the way things are going, how sure am I that the site will be functional tomorrow?

So when all has been said, it’s nice catching up with friends and making new ones but please endure when I email you because that’s what I want you to do to me.


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