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The movie P.G

I realized very recently that I can’t watch movies that are rated past 13 years comfortably . Either I have grown old and I can’t catch up with the world  or I have changed my view about the things I see.


2 thoughts on “The movie P.G

  1. Tell you what, movies rated past 13 are a must see. Not all of them ofcourse. Catch Hanckock or Hell Boy 2. Hilarious. Or may be you are addicted to Star Gate, Kungfu Panda and the like. Yah , i like them too, but every man shd settle for something real. Age?

  2. It’s something like caveat emptor. It’s something of a let off when a movie that is ranked high has nothing new except cool gadgets, a quick acting pistol and the never ending chick factor. That is something real isn’t it.

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