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Another short story

The sky has fallen. We are now walking on cotton, sorry clouds. How does that sound? Okay? I have uploaded a new short story called Little Red Releaded. Yes, Releaded not reloaded. Nothing to surprise you in this one or may be there is something after all. But I promise you, there is nothing like clouds in there. Just check it out


One thought on “Another short story

  1. Hey there, howz things? Happy to hear from you! I am around, online a lot – just taking a complete break from most projects – I have been working on projects since 2000 – 7 years of rushing around….loads of work….and I realised that I forgot how the sun looks like 😀 then also I have learnt so much through this work – it’s time to sit back and rethink and reshape things based on all the lessons.

    Conquering the world – hmmm – no such plans really – sounds like trouble 🙂 – but for sure have lots of plans for the OpenCafe – do keep in touch – make sure you let me know whenever you have new poems, and other work online.

    wishing u a great 2008,


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