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At the End

At the end of the day.
You will wonder why it had
To be like that
It didn’t have to be like that

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If you were not that bored
And that bogus
You would have born
And bred

Something Big

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I saw you

And I saw you on the street
You were walking as you used to
With hips swaying
Left to right
Right to left
Just as you used to
You walked so free
Like everything was free

The wind blew over you
Just for you
Through your hair
And it flew around
Like it owned the world

You always showed the freedom
The abandon
The world was always a spectator

The windows echoed the radiance
The taxi drivers
Slowed down
To have a closer look
Just as they used to

You have grown
I saw it
On your face

Thank God, you never saw me
Everything about you showed success
My story is not the same
So, I realized you had moved
From my street
From my world

Something I know is
I never envied you
Neither did I pretend
Like you did
That all was so well
Like you did
When you broke my heart
And left me.

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Thought of you

I thought of you
And thought about words to write to you
Words of love
Words of affection
Words that could touch you heart
Words that could express the
Desire in my heart

Words that would make your heart mellow
Words that could make you feel soft
That could drip honey at every corner
That could make you feel the longing

When I got the paper,
The hand failed.
I just couldn’t do it.

I didn’t know what to do.
Then after a while, I smiled

I decided, I was going to keep them in my heart
So that you can collect them when you come

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Decaying hut

Another sign of a blog left to decay and to grow grass to another level of usefulness. Thanks to the art of trying to look busy and pushing thing to tomorrow.
It really takes time and effort. I can assure you on that one.
Now ladies and gentleman, a hand of applause please.

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Puppy and IBM love tip

If you are a nomad like me. Then may be you have carried around that puppy Linux Cd, for you never know the next beast (computer) you will meet. I discovered puppy doesnt’ play well with most IBM’s especially those ThinkCentre things (have you ever met one?). The Graphic cards have their own way of showing some love to puppy! When running the xorg wizard, they will inform you there is no configuration that works.

There is a quick fix for it. Just look carefully at the first line that is the 800*600 resolution, if the wizard says its okay, just select it, it will log you in to a 1024*768(It has worked for me many times. Unless you want a higher resolution than that then don’t bother but for my case,I just want to edit documents and some browsing. That resolution works for me. I believe resolutions higher than that should be left for the eagles and kites and the movie buffs.)

In case there is no working resolution showing, Just select the Xvesa, you will manually select the resolution and bam, you are in business. I have used it and I don’t have complains.

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LUG meeting: venue changed

The venue for the May 29th Meeting will no longer be EACOSS.

The new venue will be SecondLife’s Education Centre which is round the corner from the UMA Showgrounds on Ntinda Road.

You can get the details at

Honestly, I am trying to understand the directions “round the corner” (I know the showroom). I hope u get there. Or u can shoot some mail somewhere and ask.

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LUG Meeting

On May 29th, the LUG will have a monthly meeting at EACOSS in Nakawa.

I have been waiting for some time for the topics but it doesn’t matter anyway. Linux is broad and anything can work.

If your are near on that day, just pop in. There is a big sign post outside, so you can’t get lost. My tip is, don’t even hesitate. Step through the door like you do it everyday.
Another thing that should be handy is having a couple of blank CD’s because you never know, your wish can come true.

Let’s meet that day.

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Last Friday had a surprise for me. I was strolling around the institute and bang, on the wall I saw a notice. It was LUG meeting. I didn’t know we had a Linux user group in Uganda. I had no other option but enter. Cool or so, I thought.

It became more hotter and interesting. The topic was Nagios (the network monitoring tool) I was amazed with what it can actually do. I liked the network topology display. Of course that means we fed our eyes and ears as well.

I got to play with Ubuntu 9.10 ha ha ha. Somebody had downloaded it and then came the burning craze (“Who would like a copy?”) I am am still waiting for my CDs to arrive via the post. I get ubuntu via Just believe me the post office is still faster than if I tried downloading the ISO via these snail networks that I use nowadays!

I just wonder how I didn’t know about this LUG before. Here is the website We were informed its going to change to very soon.

Lug logo
Lug logo

If you are in Uganda and you want to learn something about Linux, just sign up at the website. Of course, you can still come without signing up. The meeting was at EACOSS at UICT Nakawa and I hope the next meeting will be there. Just pop in there and feed your ears and that thing in between them.